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If you have any questions about hiring from us, please take a look below for our most asked questions. Hopefully you will find the answer you are looking for, if not, please don't hesitate to contact us

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I have never been on a mobility scooter before and am nervous of using one. Will I be okay?
Absolutely! In our seventeen years of business, only one person has returned a scooter for this reason. We offer a "Driving lesson" upon request to ensure you feel confident before you embark, and we won't leave until you are comfortable.

What happens if my mobility scooter breaks down?
While our scooters are well-maintained and regularly replaced, issues may arise with electric and mechanical components. If you encounter any problems, simply give us a call, and we'll provide the assistance you need!

What happens if my wheelchair has a puncture?
While many of our wheelchairs have solid tyres to prevent punctures, some users prefer those with inner tubes. In case of any issues, give us a call, and we'll promptly assist you.

What happens if I need to cancel and give the item back early?
You'll receive a refund for the unused nights. We operate on an honest and transparent basis, ensuring you only pay for the nights you've hired the equipment.

When do I make the payment?
Payment is due upon the delivery of the item to you or when you collect it from the hotel reception. We accept payment in either euro cash or by bank card.

Am I insured?
You are insured to use our products. However, if any damage occurs to the hotel due to our misuse of our equipment, you'll be responsible for the damage. Typically, your holiday insurance should cover incidents within the hotel.

Do you price match?
Our prices reflect the quality of our service and the newest stock. While we may not offer price matching, we assure you that our rates provide excellent value for money, and our reputation is built on reliability and superior customer service.

Can I book in advance?
Absolutely! We accept advance bookings, and our system already has reservations for 2026. Your booking will be securely stored on our database, ensuring a seamless experience on your planned day.

- Can I pay in advance of the hire?
No, we do not take payment in advance. You settle the payment when you receive the goods and are satisfied with your hire product.